MAKING THE SWITCH TO A POWER CHAIR Being independent means have mobility.  People who are not disabled often take this for granted.  However,  but people with mobility impairments realize how limiting it can be when they can’t always go where they want to without someone else helping.  A power chair helps to restore their independence. There are drawbacks to long-term manual wheelchair use, which include fatigue, repetitive stress injuries, and lack of power on inclines and uneven terrain.  Since our

Power Lift Recliner Chairs – Good For Your Health

Power Lift Recliner Chairs – Good For Your Health For people with mobility issues, getting up and out of a chair to manage simple tasks such as answering the door, going to the bathroom or preparing a meal may be difficult due to pain or lack of muscle strength for standing and sitting.  Power lift chair recliners are an affordable and extremely beneficial mobility aid to seniors with arthritis or other issues that make it difficult or painful to rise

Cold Weather Precautions For Seniors

Cold Weather Precautions For Seniors Older adults can lose body heat fast – faster than when they were young. Changes in your body that come with aging can make it harder for you to be aware of getting cold.  A big chill can turn into a dangerous problem before an older person even knows what’s happening. Doctors call this serious problem hypothermia. Icy conditions make can lead to serious injuries – especially for seniors. Dress for Warmth – Cold temperatures can lead

The Accessible Home: Bathroom Safety

The Accessible Home: Bathroom Safety Many Americans choose to age in their own homes where they are familiar with their environment.  People of all ages value their ability to live independently and remodeling a bathroom in preparation for home healthcare or retirement will ensure convenience and safety. Here are some things that homeowners can do to adapt their bathrooms and improve accessibility so it is safer for anyone with limited mobility or physical impairments to use: Remodel the bathroom on the main

Aging in Place – A Good Option For Seniors

Aging in Place – A Good Option For Seniors There are many advantages to aging in place for seniors, and current trends in technology, home health care, and city planning are making it easier for more seniors to stay at home longer which is good for them and the communities they live in. A partner like Pace Medical Equipment & Supplies can coordinate minor home modifications along the way and provide solutions to changes in mobility such as lift

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Five Disability-Friendly Destinations in Northeast Ohio

Five Disability-Friendly Destinations in Northeast Ohio When you’re ready for an adventure with your wheelchair or mobility scooter, you need to consider destinations with accessibility to parking, to onsite attractions, and to be certain that when you arrive you’ll be able to maneuver as independently as possible. Here are five destinations within an hour of Akron, Ohio with a variety of possibilities. The first is outdoors and perfect for the warm days of summer and fall. The Towpath Trail

When to Consider a Power Lift Chair for Your Home

Are you experiencing a loss of mobility? Perhaps you have a parent whose independence is at risk because they can’t get up without assistance. One possibility to consider is adding a lift chair to the home. The time to consider a lift chair is when someone may need help getting in and out of their chair on a daily basis whether due to aging or a recent surgery that limits their mobility. Lift chairs feel and look like regular chairs but