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Transporting Your Mobility Scooter

Transporting Your Mobility Scooter Mobility scooters are becoming more common and will only grow in number as the years go on. Because of this there are options to help you travel with your scooter in your car, on planes, and on public transportation.  It is important to educate yourself on laws, policies, and on the types of public transportation that are mobility scooter friendly. Before you purchase a scooter, narrow down the options to the best ones that will fit your lifestyle.

Winter Safety For Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs

Winter Safety For Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs Most people have a love/hate relationship with winter weather. As a mobility scooter or wheelchair user, the snowfall, freezing rain, icy sidewalks and pathways can turn into a serious situation quickly. Taking steps to assure you are safe is essential to getting through winter successfully. Winter accidents include power wheelchair users getting stuck in the snow, slipping on the ice, difficulty ascending inclines/ramps, cold hands while using controls or pushing rims, and frozen wheelchair/scooter

Aging in Place – A Good Option For Seniors

Aging in Place – A Good Option For Seniors There are many advantages to aging in place for seniors, and current trends in technology, home health care, and city planning are making it easier for more seniors to stay at home longer which is good for them and the communities they live in. A partner like Pace Medical Equipment & Supplies can coordinate minor home modifications along the way and provide solutions to changes in mobility such as lift

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Five Disability-Friendly Destinations in Northeast Ohio

Five Disability-Friendly Destinations in Northeast Ohio When you’re ready for an adventure with your wheelchair or mobility scooter, you need to consider destinations with accessibility to parking, to onsite attractions, and to be certain that when you arrive you’ll be able to maneuver as independently as possible. Here are five destinations within an hour of Akron, Ohio with a variety of possibilities. The first is outdoors and perfect for the warm days of summer and fall. The Towpath Trail

Mobility scooters, a lifeline to Independence

Today it is increasingly common to see a mobility scooter being used by people of all ages and abilities. If like so many people you can no longer enjoy daily activities like shopping, visiting friends, or even walking the dog without assistance, then a mobility scooter could be the lifeline you have been looking for to regain your independence. They are easy to use, economical to run and require low-level maintenance to look after them, but can make a world