MAKING THE SWITCH TO A POWER CHAIR Personal mobility is a lifeline to independence. Able-bodied people can easily overlook this correlation, but people who live with mobility impairments know that your body determines how much of the world you can explore and experience on your own terms.  There are drawbacks to long-term manual wheelchair use, which include fatigue, repetitive stress injuries, and lack of power on inclines and uneven terrain.  Since our upper extremities were not designed for self-propulsion, the desire

Transporting Your Mobility Scooter

Transporting Your Mobility Scooter Mobility scooters are becoming more common and will only grow in number as the years go on. Because of this there are options to help you travel with your scooter in your car, on planes, and on public transportation.  It is important to educate yourself on laws, policies, and on the types of public transportation that are mobility scooter friendly. Before you purchase a scooter, narrow down the options to the best ones that will fit your lifestyle.

mobility scooter friendly

Five Disability-Friendly Destinations in Northeast Ohio

Five Disability-Friendly Destinations in Northeast Ohio When you’re ready for an adventure with your wheelchair or mobility scooter, you need to consider destinations with accessibility to parking, to onsite attractions, and to be certain that when you arrive you’ll be able to maneuver as independently as possible. Here are five destinations within an hour of Akron, Ohio with a variety of possibilities. The first is outdoors and perfect for the warm days of summer and fall. The Towpath Trail